Murray White

UK Representative

International Council for
Self Esteem

Tel: +44 (0)1223 365351



A healthy level of self-esteem enhances your performance, increases your likelihood of success - Is the rocket fuel of motivation and the bedrock of well-being and contentment

Self-esteem is
the key to your life


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[ A. Circle Times for Teachers, Youth club leaders and all Professionals who wish to understand how self esteem impacts on children and teenagers and how to enhance it in their changes and themselves ]

[ B. Circle Times for Parents and those in contact with children and young people in a home setting to explain their influence on the self-esteem on those growing up and to offer many practical ways they can raise self esteem in them while nurturing their own ]

[ C. Circle Times for All. One or more days spent in the congenial company of other adults experiencing a mixture of serious and fun activities specifically designed to give your self esteem a major boost ]

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