International Council for Self-Esteem

International Council For Self Esteem

   Who we are?

The International Council is an organisation composed of designated representatives from each of 70 different Countries

   What is our purpose?

The purpose of the International Council is to promote public and personal awareness of the benefits of a  healthy sense of self-esteem snd responsibility and to establish conditions within families, schools, businesses and governments that foster these qualities.

   What are our goals?

              1. To promote the concept of self-esteem and its significance
              2. To share information and research regarding self-esteem.
              3. To connect individuals and organisations that support our work.
              4. To sponsor further research on self-esteem.
              5. To support national conferences and activities that enhance self-esteem.
              6. To organise international conferences and exchanges.
              7. To facilitate the coordination of self-esteem trainings, activities and projects throughout the  world.

   Members of the Executive Board

              Bob Younglove -
President, USA
              Beth Teolis - Canada
              Mieke Van Houton - Netherlands
              Murray White - England
              Veronica de Andres - Argentina
              Jack Canfield - Ex-Officio, USA
              Bob Reasoner - First president

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[ A. Circle Times for Teachers, Youth club leaders and all Professionals who wish to understand how self esteem impacts on children and teenagers and how to enhance it in their changes and themselves ]

[ B. Circle Times for Parents and those in contact with children and young people in a home setting to explain their influence on the self-esteem on those growing up and to offer many practical ways they can raise self esteem in them while nurturing their own ]

[ C. Circle Times for All. One or more days spent in the congenial company of other adults experiencing a mixture of serious and fun activities specifically designed to give your self esteem a major boost ]

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