Murray White

Murray White represents this country on the International Council for Self-Esteem, an organisation formed in 1990 and now established in over 70 countries. It's aim is to promote public and personal awareness of the benefits of a healthy sense of self-esteem and responsibility for both individuals and society.

He is recognised internationally as lecturer and consultant having presented workshops and keynotes in Europe, U.S.A. and the U.K. He offers a wide range of interactive workshops, keynotes, addresses, seminars and resources designed to enhance self-esteem in many settings, including families, schools, organisations, and for individuals.

Murray was head of schools in Suffolk and Cambridge. In 1990 the Institute of Social Inventions gave him an award for his innovative work introducing self-esteem programmes in the classroom. This related to the enthusiastic response his ideas received in the 'Supporting Children Learning Through an Understanding of Behaviour Project' which he initiated for the local education authority.

His main studies in psychology, counselling and therapy were undertaken at the University of Surrey and the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, London. He has also done the coordinator training of the Parent Network, London.

He is the Author of 'Magic Circles: Self Esteem for Everyone in Circle Time' (Saga Publications New Edition), '50 Activities for Raising Self Esteem' (Pearson Publishing) and has contributed to many other books and journals. He has also made a CD 'Picture This for Families' visualization activities for children and teenagers.

Murray organised the first British Conference on Self Esteem, which was held in Cambridge in 1991 and a second one in Homerton College, Cambridge in 1996. Presenters came from America, Asia, Australia and Europe and gave seminars and workshops to over 300 participants. In 2006 another international conference on self esteem was held at The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool in cooperation with Society for Effective Affective Learning. Other Conferences organised by the ICSE have been held in various places in the USA, Asia and Europe.

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"Murray White is a man with a mission and his description of Circle Time at the beginning of the school day when children are enabled to get in touch with their feelings and to give honest expression to their experience is deeply moving"

- Brian Thorne, University of East Anglia


"Self-esteem is contagious. Murray certainly gets the message across!"

- Workshop participant


"All detailed studies of the relationship between education and behaviour involve a consideration of the development of self-esteem. Murray White gives a fascinating study of how this can be developed in the primary school, stressing that the successful school will always have an ethos that ensues " the enhancement of the self-esteem of its members." School achievement is as dependent on self-esteem as it is on IQ. He persuasively describes ways of increasing that self-esteem through the planned work of the school.

- Michael Marland TES review

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