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Your Self esteem is an essential part of you. Being aware of how it is affecting your life and the lives of others is an extremely well worth while thing to do.

if you look at the definition of self esteem on the Circle Time For You page you will see that is embraces many of the terms and practices used today.

Think of happiness, then think self esteem. Happiness will only be achieved by nurturing and enhancing self esteem. The same goes for motivation, contentment fulfillment, self confidence and all the others.

When you see emotional literacy or intelligence, which is having the ability to use emotions effectively remember that for it to be fully integrated it needs to be within your self esteem experience.

To have mental health, authentic self esteem is essential. For total well being healthy levels of self esteem must be present.

"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour"

What Happens in Circle Time

In a supportive environments everyone comes to

  • recognise their own worth and express themselves well
  • appreciate co-operation and friendship and learn how to achieve it
  • be emotionally literate, being aware of and learning how to handle feelings
  • be able to cope with change and difficulty, set their own goals and fulfill them
  • build healthy levels of self esteem and celebrate their lives


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Murray White has described self esteem as "the jet fuel of motivation"! A high level of self esteem is the key to sucess in life for many people. Thus it can give you;

  • a good feeling about yourself and an optimistic outlook, taking you into a virtuous circle of positivity, with each success encouraging you on to further success.
  • the courage to try things out and push back your boundaries
  • the ability to relate well with others, helping to promote their self esteem by encouragement and support
  • the confidence to network: to seek out and talk to people who share your interests and who may be able to help you move towards your goals.
  • an appropriate level of assertiveness, enabling you to negotiate well with others and to be able to ask for what you need and are entitled to.
  • the motivation to persevere towards your goals, despite adverse circumstances.
  • the reilience to be impervious to negativity in others, always ready to regard failure as an inevitable part of the learning process and not an indicator of personal inadequacy.

If self esteem does play such a pivotal role in personal development, then it is quite clear that it should be given much greater emphasis at all levels of education. But how do we gain a high level of self esteem? According to Carl Rogers, positive self regards orginates in the regard which is shown to us by others. Thus, we develop high self esteem when we are in an environment which truly values and affirms us. Murray White has extensively explored this idea in schools by developing the concept of Circle Time.

in all our working situations, whether as teachers, students, managers or colleagues, we need to become more aware of the role we can play in raising other people's self esteem and so contribute to their well being and effectiveness. We should also seek to influence our organisations, so that they become more affirming amd empowering. Finally, we should be sensitive to our level of self esteem and, where necessary, seek to raise it. This can be assisted by attending personal development and similar workshops.

Here are some good reasons to have Circle Time

Royal Assent: Aim Higher (10-Year Strategy) (26 July 2007)
Beverley Hughes: ..who are born into disadvantage, involved in high-risk behaviour
, underachieving at school and, crucially, failing to develop the capabilities that they need for the furture. They are held back by low *self esteem*, lack of *self* discipline and poor *self* control. All those factors are strongly linked to serious problems such as crime, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of education and training ...

The words 'self' and 'esteem' : 1 Lords debate

Education: 10 year Strategy (26 July 2007)
Lord Adonis: ... young people
born into disadvantage, involved in high-risk behaviour, underachieving at school and, crucially, failing to develop the capabilities that they need for the furture. They are held back by low *self esteem*, lack of *self* discipline and poor *self* control. All those factors are strongly linked to serious problems such as crime, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of education and training and the ...


The national secondary curriculum points out that pupils will be required to develop specific qualities such as curiosity (exploring problems from different prospectives) questioning their own and other assumptions and developing a critical attitude. Also dealing positively with set backs and critisism. Circle Times are excellent vehicles to gain these experiences.

"Programmes that target pupils metacognative awarenesss of learning are proving to be among the effective interventions for improving academic achievement. What is also exciting about these approaches is that they align with emerging evidence from neuroscience and psychology on the critical importance of metacognition and executive functions for success in life, learning and work"

Baroness Susan Greenfield

A noble person is mindful and thankful of the favours he receives from others - The Buddha

Values to Live by

A Love of Truth - Essential for a just, inclusive and progressive society

A Sense of Justice - recognition of the rights and needs of all

A Sense of Co-operation - based on active goodwill and the principle of right human relations

A Sense of Personal Responsibility - for group, community and national affairs

Serving the Common Good - through the sacrifice of selfishness. Only what is good for all is good for each one

World Goodwill.

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