Self-Esteem for Everyone

Keynotes and interactive presentations 45 mins - 1 1/2 hours:
1. Children and Their Self-Esteem: Where Does It Come From ?
2. Your Students, Their Self-Esteem: What You Need To Know?
3. You and Your Self-Esteem: Why It Is The Key To Your Life?

Keynotes / Workshops at
The Society for Effective Affective Learning.
The Student Centred Learning Association.
The Association for Curriculum Enrichment and Extension.
British Association for Early Childhood Education.
Counselling in Education (Division of B.A.C.).
Cooperative Education Network.
National Council of Women.
Kingston upon Thames PSHE Conference.
Crime Concern.
Mediation UK etc. etc.


Murray White is a Board Member and the UK Representative of the International Council for Self-Esteem. The Council is an organisation composed of designated representatives from each of over 70 different nations and our purpose is to promote awareness of the significance of self-esteem for both individuals and society and what can be done to foster it.


" I have to write and thank you for the splendid series of courses on self-esteem ... they were all so meaty and packed with ideas... everyone was able to draw things pertinent to their personal / educational system.Thank you." - Jan Carr, Southend


"Murray certainly gets the message across"

Here's a Selection of Comments on keynotes / seminars:

Thank you for all the love, care and effort you have put into organising this conference.

-participant, International Conference on Self-Esteem, Cambridge

Thank you very much for giving such an enjoyable talk today.

- Rotary Club of Cambridge

The whole day was very successful and a large part of the success was due to you. There has been a lot of very positive feedback.

- Norfolk Schools Conference

The effect of the day has been tremendous..... I am delighted with the reaction of the staff and your input has been a crucial factor.

Schools in Kingston-upon-Thames

Many thanks for your contribution to the conference.

- National Standing Committee of Advisers, Inspectors and Consultants of PSHE

I am writing to thank you for your superb contribution to the conference.

- Society of Effective Affective Learning

Thank you very much for your input to 'The Promoting of the Mental Health of Young People' Conference. You were well received and definitely helped to raise awareness around self-esteem.

- Bedfordshire Health Promotion

I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the audience at a talk you gave on self-esteem to NACE.... it was inspirational.

- Mrs Fortuna, Northampton

I very much enjoyed your talk and look forward to the next one !

- Surrey Teachers Conference

Many thanks for your presentation on Tuesday. It caused great debate - for and against, and we could not ask for more than that !!

- Public School

Sincere thanks for your valuable contribution to our conference last Saturday. The issues you raised about self-esteem reinforced for us all our need to work together to give support to foster family relationships.

- North Nottinghamshire Health Authority

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[ A. Circle Times for Teachers, Youth club leaders and all Professionals who wish to understand how self esteem impacts on children and teenagers and how to enhance it in their changes and themselves ]

[ B. Circle Times for Parents and those in contact with children and young people in a home setting to explain their influence on the self-esteem on those growing up and to offer many practical ways they can raise self esteem in them while nurturing their own ]

[ C. Circle Times for All. One or more days spent in the congenial company of other adults experiencing a mixture of serious and fun activities specifically designed to give your self esteem a major boost ]

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