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"I regard self esteem as the single most powerful force in existence.... the way we feel about ourselves affects virtually ever aspect of our existence: work, love, sex, interpersonal relationships every kind." - Dr. Nathaniel Branden

Self esteem enhances your performance, increases the likelihood of your success, is the jet fuel of motivation, and the bedrock of well-being and contentment. Just as we can never have enough physical health neither can we have too much self esteem. There is no more powerful way to develop true potential than to enhance your self esteem. Also, if you have a high sense of esteem, every problem will be easier to solve, or if it can't be solved, you will be able to handle it with greater poise and strength.

This workshop looks at the causes of low self esteem,what creates high self esteem, what harms it and what enhances it. Participants are encouraged to:

* see how their levels of self esteem affects their lives
* look at behaviour patterns which are impeding self fulfilment
* discover new ways of experiencing and expressing themselves    all in a supportive, relaxed, environment.

"A brill experience" - "A thoroughly enjoyable course, well worth it." - "I value the sense of hope it gave me." - "l wish I had done this ten years ago."

"We do not stop playing because we grow old, We grow old because we stop playing"
George Bernard Shaw

For all Workshops dates and bookings please contact:

Murray White,
Board Member and U.K. Representative
International Council For Self Esteem,

5,Ferry Path.
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 365351

Self-Esteem - What does it mean to you?

This workshop sets out to promote understanding of the importance of self-esteem in everyone's life. Even if you have never heard of the term self-esteem, you have unconciously decided you are of low value, highvalue, or somewhere between and on that rests much of your behaviour and the pleasure and contentment that you will have in life.

Just as we can never have too much physical health, neither can we have too much self-esteem. If you develop a high sense of esteem every problem will be easier to solve, or if it cant be solved you wil be able to handle it with greater poise and strength. There is no more powerful way to discover your true potential to work on your self-esteem.

Two definitions of Self-Esteem:

" The evaluation a person makes, and customarily maintains, of him or herself; that is, overall, self-esteem is an expression of approval or disapproval, indicating the extent to which a person believes himself or herself competent, successful, significant and worthy".

- Stanley Coopersmith 1981. Self-Esteem Inventories

" Self-Esteem is the experience of being able to cope with the basic challenges of life and of being worthy of happiness. It consists of two components: Self-efficacy-confidence in our ability to think, learn, choose and make appropriate decisions and Self-respect - confidence in our right tot be happy, confidence that achievement, success, friendship, respect, love and fulfilment are appropriate to us".

- Nathaniel Branden 1994 The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

and one of Mental Health;-

" One way of describing mental health is that it is the emotional resilience which enables us to enjoy life and to survive pain, disappointment and sadness. It is a positive sense of well-being and an underlying belief in our own and other's dignity and worth".

- Health Education Authority 1996 Mental Health Factsheet MW Copyright


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[ A. Circle Times for Teachers, Youth club leaders and all Professionals who wish to understand how self esteem impacts on children and teenagers and how to enhance it in their changes and themselves ]

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