Circle times for Parents and Carers

Self-Esteem Recipes for Happy Families

Practical things that parents can do to help children and young people grow to be confident, successful, happy, adults - and enjoy themselves too !

We all want our children to be successful in life. As they grow we hope to see them develop qualities like self-confidence, pride, and motivation. Outstanding individuals in every walk of life demonstrate these because they all possess high self-esteem. We can't give self-esteem to our children but we can create an environment where they will build it for themselves. Creating a positive belief system at home can give rich dividends to your children for the rest of their lives. They will realise that they have the resources to deal with any difficulty or challenge which they may face; they will always be positive about their lives, knowing that they are worthy of happiness and success and much more readily achieve fulfilment and contentment.

In a relaxed supportive setting, participants will be asked to examine, and try out, some key ways that family activities can build everyone's self-esteem and which everyone can enjoy - including making everyday "special " ! The workshop is designed for parents or carers of the young of any age, from babies to late teenagers. Everyone that comes will leave with a checklist of recipes which will become a well thumbed reference for their kitchen shelf.

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 18 people and will include talks, discussions, videos, demonstrations and and lots of lighthearted physical activities.


"Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as vital to the child as it is to the catapiller."

"This has helped me appreciate self-esteem as very central to our own and our childrens wellbeing and to the chances of success in life. I am very pleased to have come. I feel my family will benefit a lot."

Comments from parents who have attended this workshop;

"I'm glad I came. lt has made me more aware of what I could be doing at home with my children. I'm looking forward to playing the games and communicating better."

"The content was excellent-really thought provoking."

"l feel I have learnt a lot and am confident I can use it to build my children's self esteem."

"I was so impressed ! I valued the concentrated information, soccinctly put."

"It's given me a way to help my children to not live for years according to other peoples values-to see the Vulture and send it away. Thank you for the lovely visualisation on the mountain with the child."

"Most enjoyable. I would like to do it again."

"This has set me on track again and re-affirms what I'm trying to do. Very many thanks."

" I'll be able to pass on this knowledge to my pre-school chi ld care students."

"l enjoyed it very much and feel I am going away with a lot of ideas I can try with my own family."

"The Sooner kids learn to talk the sooner they talk back" - Homer Simpson

"This is Us"

"Having Fun"

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[ A. Circle Times for Teachers, Youth club leaders and all Professionals who wish to understand how self esteem impacts on children and teenagers and how to enhance it in their changes and themselves ]

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