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1. Magic Circles : Self-Esteem for everyone through Circle Time

Book and CD ROM

Murray was the first British author to publish a book on Circle Time and his classic Magic Circle helped to raise the profile and popularity of Circle Time during the 90s. This new and revised edition provides both the theoritical underpinnings and practical advice you need to help raise self-esteem through Circle Time. It is an essential step-bystep guide for the new facilitator and an important anchor for the more experienced. The resource also includes a 60 minute audio CD of guided imagery which is a valuable tool in building self-esteem. It takes the listener through a number of journeys, helping to develop imagination, improve concentration and increase self-confidence.

The benefits of participation in this process both for individuals and society are clearly explained. The ability to communicate well, take sensible risks, make wise decisions, be flexible, deal with conflict and stress, solve problems and get along with others are all enhanced by this experience. Every school and college should have a copy as should everywhere where people gather and wish to nourish and build their self-esteem. The book is a valuable resource to use with groups of all ages, young and old alike, in any setting. To take account of the popularity of the first edition with adults, circle activities are now included especially for their use. There are clear explanations of a wide range of activities and the benefits they bring to the five essential building blocks of self-esteem. Everyone needs to experience and enjoy a sense of security, identity, belonging, purpose and competemce. Everyone will benefit from the Circle Times in this book.


Chapter 1 - Self Esteem: what exactly is it? How it affects the lives of everyone and the significance of it for society.

Chapter 2 - Your Self-Esteem: Your awareness of it and some steps towards nourishing it.

Chapter 3 - Circle Time Facilitation: Your responsibilities and the preparations you can make if you are going to lead a group well.

Chapter 4 - The Theory and Structure of Circle Time and The Benefits of participation in Circle Time for children and adults

Chapter 5 - The Magic in the Circles: The 1989 TES article

Chapter 6
- Activities in the Circles

The Special Day



Chapter 7
- Circle Times for All : Circles to promote the five key issues relating to the possession of a high healthy level of self-esteem

Chapter 8 - A sense of Well-Being: Activities for anytime use

Chapter 9
- Guided Imagery - Picture This the CD: Guidance on how to use the CD and explanationsof the self-esteem concepts in the stories

Resources on: Self-Esteem, Personal Development, Facilitation, Circle Time Activities

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2. 50 Activities for Raising Self-Esteem

A program of activities to enhance self-esteem needs to be an integral part of every PSHE curriculum. Using the different approaches described in this resource to develop high, healthy levels of self-esteem is a way of cultivating present potential and helping young people to become confident, happy and responsible citizens.

For use by all ages in schools, after school and youth clubs and very popular with adult groups.

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3. Picture This for Families

Without any prior preparation this resource provides both facilitator and young people the opportunity to participate together in a positive experience. Research shows that imagery is powerful in changing internal feelings about ones self and bolstering mental health.

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4. Circle Time - The Video. 40 minutes

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Murray White,
5 Ferry Path, Cambridge CB4 1HB

With a commentary by Murray White showing him with two teachers in a junior school taking part in Circle Time. Watch children experience Murray's Special Day procedure and see how it is important to them


5. Self-Esteem Recipes for Happy Families

Forthcomming 2009

A treasure trove or assorted activities especially designed to buil.d self esteem in children, teenagers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers and everyone.

6. Watch this space for details of more publications and projects


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[ A. Circle Times for Teachers, Youth club leaders and all Professionals who wish to understand how self esteem impacts on children and teenagers and how to enhance it in their changes and themselves ]

[ B. Circle Times for Parents and those in contact with children and young people in a home setting to explain their influence on the self-esteem on those growing up and to offer many practical ways they can raise self esteem in them while nurturing their own ]

[ C. Circle Times for All. One or more days spent in the congenial company of other adults experiencing a mixture of serious and fun activities specifically designed to give your self esteem a major boost ]

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